Saturday, September 27, 2008

different pov

There are things I think are right. I have thought long and hard about them and came to a firm belief about them. These decisions have a lot to do with life experiences, important values and my education. I stand by them.

But I live in a world that doesn't have those same thoughts. Perhaps they don't have the same experiences, values or education. Either way, they don't agree with me. They don't even have the same mindset as me. Their point of view isn't even on the same planet as mine.

And I respect them. They are great people. On several other issues that are near and dear to my heart, we are on the same accord. I like having these people in my life.

But it's hard. How do I sit in a room during discussions of these important views, letting them assume I'm with them? How do I let them think their way of thinking is 100% correct when there's obviously another way of thinking? And how do I do this knowing that they won't even get it if I tried? Knowing the discussion would be futile?

is it even worth the breath?
but how do I live with myself having convictions that something is right and not even give a hint of how I feel?

I just hate this feeling.

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Darcie said...

Not sure exactly what you're talking about, but I've definitely had the same thoughts. What's worse-ruining a relationship because of conflicting viewpoints not standing up for your convictions? I feel like there's not a lot of black and white. Just a lot of gray.