Friday, October 3, 2008

striving towards

In light of a previous post (one before last) and a recent blog, I have decided to make two lists:

Things that strengthen my relationship with Christ:
1. Dr. Marr and Southcliff Baptist Church: weekly challenges, faithful community
2. The youth at Southcliff: interacting with them, teaching them, watching them grow
3. Reading my Bible: the stories, the challenges, the encouragement.
4. Chatting with my husband.
5. Thinking about the past.
6. Thinking about my future.
7. Teaching
8. My email group
9. Nature
10. The right kind of song
11. Singing
12. Being loved
13. Thinking about tough controversial issues
14. Watching movies
15. A beautiful day like today
16. Thinking about pregnancy
17. Thinking about money
18. Realizing how lucky I am right now
19. Bubble baths
20. Reading
21. Writing
22. the daily moment of silence at my school
23. my morning shower

Things that weaken my relationship with Christ:
1. Busy-ness
2. too much TV
3. the wrong kind of movie
4. thinking I am number one.
5. Sleeping in/staying up
6. the wrong crowd
7. stress
8. the attitude that I'm always right
9. dissension
10. loud neighbors
11. an oppressive boss
12. my Sunday afternoon lethargy
13. wasting Saturdays
14. the wrong kind of song
15. traditional Baptist social theology
16. Family Guy at 10pm
17. being angry or bitter
18. ignorance
19. yellow/red lights

And looking at these two lists, I can reprioritize my life so I can live it more abundantly. Philippians 3:13-14 & Hebrews 12:1

Also, looking at this list - thinking promotes my relationship, whereas feeling detracts... very interesting... from now on I will only think, I will not feel (ha!).

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Darcie said...

Wow. I'm really liking your abundant living thoughts lately. Your number 5 on the second list is so true. I've been realizing that in my own life. I've been putting sleep and my own selfishness ahead of much more important things lately.