Wednesday, February 25, 2009

with it

so i get this rep at work and at class that im the go-to computer person. at a training the other day, the lady actually referred to me as a "computer native" compared to my "computer immigrant" coworkers. i just seem light-years ahead of them in terms of not only my knowledge, but my use of of technology in my classroom. and in my night class - forgetaboutit - those people are grandmas when it comes to computers...

but then i am around my peers and i feel like a dinosaur. im so behind. and when i do get around to trying something new, i sound just like my mother, "why do i need to fill this out? what does this do? this just seems like a waste of time"

but when im at training and hear people say that, i just want to scream, "you have to play with it. explore it. try it and see what it does." i get mad at them for just giving up. their cynicism appalls me because i know how the new piece of technology will just change their world if they'll give it a chance. that at first it seems overwhelming or a waste of time, but after a while of just practicing with it, they'll love it too.

so i need to have the same attitude toward some of the new things that come my way.... but i guess i want to hear testimonials from others who think its useful, why its useful and how it can be used...

the two on my list of trials are:
-twitter. who else is on this? how do YOU use it? is it useful if i dont use my phone? im TenaciousTeresa, find me.
-delicious. does anybody else use this? a coworker (fellow native) showed me this, and it seems like it will rock my world. but i also think itll be a lot cooler if others are on it. please tell me yall use this. im TYakel, find me.

so yeah, im looking for feedback on these. also, feel free to add sites that you frequent that might enhance me technologically.
thanks for keeping me "with it" ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

try this at home

1. Go to where you store your digital photos and open the 4th folder.

2. Go to the 4th picture and post it.

3. Explain the picture

4. Tag an additional 4 people.
Ignore the legal ramifications of posting photos of my students online...
I assigned the students a project about Mexico last year. One group had to share about their celebrations, so they brought this pinata and the students had a lot of fun playing.
We had to be very creative with how to pull it all off (the scarf I was wearing became the blindfold, the yard stick became the bat, another teacher had some rope...) but it went very well.
Good times.
I tag: Darcie, Nibbe, Carrie and Tim plus anybody else that reads this that I don't know about ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm going to Disney World tomorrow.

Wednesday - Monday.

But I'm not thrilled. Cause I'm focused on the 1000 things I have to do before I can go on a trip like that...
I didn't even have time to shave...

I'll report back to you next week on how much of a emotional shift I had on the airplane (here's hoping)...