Saturday, February 14, 2009

try this at home

1. Go to where you store your digital photos and open the 4th folder.

2. Go to the 4th picture and post it.

3. Explain the picture

4. Tag an additional 4 people.
Ignore the legal ramifications of posting photos of my students online...
I assigned the students a project about Mexico last year. One group had to share about their celebrations, so they brought this pinata and the students had a lot of fun playing.
We had to be very creative with how to pull it all off (the scarf I was wearing became the blindfold, the yard stick became the bat, another teacher had some rope...) but it went very well.
Good times.
I tag: Darcie, Nibbe, Carrie and Tim plus anybody else that reads this that I don't know about ;)

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