Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I enjoy

I haven't given yall much by way of a post lately, so I thought I'd share some things I really enjoy:

1. American Idol Karaoke Revolution video game. I played on PS2 but I'm sure you can find it for other systems too.

2. Veronica Mars on DVD. I LOVE this show, no matter how many times I watch it.

3. Teaching. Being back in my classroom this week reminded me how much I missed it.

4. Being salaried. It is a really great feeling knowing that on weekends, summers, evenings, vacations etc. I am still getting paid like I do when I am at work.

5. My kitty. See earlier post for elaboration, but most recently, she went to the vet and they said she was very healthy. That's my girl!

6. Swimming. Unfortunately, there's a health concern regarding swimming in North Texas and I'm avoiding swimming. To make matters worse, they finally opened up the pool in my back yard and all day and night I hear people enjoying themselves in the pool...

7. Ice cream. Since I can't have swimming, I have to have something to cool me off. I can say more, but do I need to? Everybody loves ice cream.

8. Books. I wish I could read all day every day. Imagine how much smarter I'd be.

9. The Leadership Summit. Every year I regret not promoting this more because I sit and listen to these amazing speakers go right to my heart and soul and while my life is being changed I think of all the people in my life that would sooo love it. It happens every August all over the world.

10. Water. I can drink cold h20 24/7 and still want more. It tastes sooo good and satisfies and I know that sounds hokey, but there's a reason our body needs it. It's good stuff, ya'll :)

Ok I think I'll stop at ten. Nothing crazy new or exciting here, but I hope it serves as sort of an update.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In my work with youth ministry and as a middle school teacher, I am often disappointed in the decisions some of my students choose to make. This seems pretty natural, as we are all fallen people and prone to make mistakes, myself included. It is also natural because adolescents are at a time where they are testing boundaries more than ever. They need to learn for themselves what right and wrong is, even if it means doing the wrong thing every now and then.

I actually understand, and even support that to a degree. What I really struggle with is how to handle those moments when I am disappointed. Do I keep it to myself and just get over it? Do I just say "Oh, those darn teenagers" and roll with the punches? Maybe if it's just a small thing like forgetting their homework or showing up late.

But what about when it's bigger than that - when I can't just shrug it off? What if it's life-altering? Do I speak up? Do I let the students know I don't condone their decision? How do I do that without losing the relationship I have established with them? If I voice my disapproval, they might write me off forever. If it were just my relationship, then fine. However, they might write off all future teachers or youth workers. Do I risk that?

What if it's a decision that can't be taken back? Now they have to live with the consequences of that decision. Is it appropriate to tell them I'm disappointed in them? Do they still need to know? How do I do that without making them feel more guilty?

If I am not speaking up, then am I unintentionally saying that their decision is ok? If I don't stand up against wrong, am I saying that it's right? Is that something I'm ok with doing? Don't they need to know their mistake so they don't repeat it?

How do I handle those moments, the inevitable ones where my students let me down? I can't lower my standards. I can't compromise my sense of right and wrong. I can't condone their behavior. But what can I do?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yesterday, it was 107 degrees in beautiful Fort Worth.

Kate texts me in the middle of the day to tell me our heat is making national news.
Then she asks me, "Stayin cool?"

It literally made me laugh at loud, because yesterday, during possibly the hottest day of the year in North Texas, I was spending 11 hours at Six Flags with the youth.

I actually had a fun time, and drank plenty of water. I also applied lots of sunscreen and did not get burned at all (unlike Andrew who never listens to my suggestions).

So I survived!!

Oh, the things I do for youth, lol.

[sad ending - we planned on riding the Titan, my favorite ride, after dinner. Naturally, that's when they decided to close it for some reason. boooo]