Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I enjoy

I haven't given yall much by way of a post lately, so I thought I'd share some things I really enjoy:

1. American Idol Karaoke Revolution video game. I played on PS2 but I'm sure you can find it for other systems too.

2. Veronica Mars on DVD. I LOVE this show, no matter how many times I watch it.

3. Teaching. Being back in my classroom this week reminded me how much I missed it.

4. Being salaried. It is a really great feeling knowing that on weekends, summers, evenings, vacations etc. I am still getting paid like I do when I am at work.

5. My kitty. See earlier post for elaboration, but most recently, she went to the vet and they said she was very healthy. That's my girl!

6. Swimming. Unfortunately, there's a health concern regarding swimming in North Texas and I'm avoiding swimming. To make matters worse, they finally opened up the pool in my back yard and all day and night I hear people enjoying themselves in the pool...

7. Ice cream. Since I can't have swimming, I have to have something to cool me off. I can say more, but do I need to? Everybody loves ice cream.

8. Books. I wish I could read all day every day. Imagine how much smarter I'd be.

9. The Leadership Summit. Every year I regret not promoting this more because I sit and listen to these amazing speakers go right to my heart and soul and while my life is being changed I think of all the people in my life that would sooo love it. It happens every August all over the world.

10. Water. I can drink cold h20 24/7 and still want more. It tastes sooo good and satisfies and I know that sounds hokey, but there's a reason our body needs it. It's good stuff, ya'll :)

Ok I think I'll stop at ten. Nothing crazy new or exciting here, but I hope it serves as sort of an update.


Darcie said...

I'm definitely seconding your #4. I still got a check from school despite not working a single day this pay period. Blissful!

Sarah Lewie said...

I'm totally with ya on # 6,7,8,& 10! Man...I miss swimming. Freaking Pacific NW and not being warm enough to swim. Blast it all...
Need a buddy in FW? I need to migrate to warmer weather...

Anonymous said...

ryc: it's true, i probably should have thought a second before i spoke ;) but what can ya do?