Saturday, July 11, 2009


I want to give you a great post about how the three weeks went, and I will...

but until my brain (and pictures) are all sorted out, I thought I'd leave you with some random snippets of thoughts. I'd love your feedback.

*Sleeping 8 hrs and being awake 16 somehow doesn't work when those 8 hrs are not 11pm-7am (+/- an hour)

*I can watch episodes from my favorite childhood sitcoms anytime and enjoy them as much as current favorite sitcoms.

*I've mostly adjusted to living 700 miles away from friends/family, but when a friend is hurting the distance breaks my heart.

*It's REALLY hard not to judge the students that I work with even though I know that's the last thing I should do.

*When I'm swimming, I think to myself "This is so great. Why don't I do this every day?" and then the next day I look at the pool and think "eh, it's just alright." and then don't go. I actually do this with A LOT of things, but swimming came to mind tonight (cause I just went).

*I am starting to get a sense that there are some big changes in store. Mostly cause I'm starting to get really comfortable with too many things in my life (apartment, career, marriage, friends, church, etc.)

*When I witness something that is done really well, I get an envious sense of motivation to want to do that just as well (writing, singing, dancing, photography, teaching, etc), even though it might be unrealistic.

*I get bothered when people use their maiden names on Facebook as middle names. There is an option to use your Maiden name in the search so old friends can find you, so it's not necessary in the username.

*I set out a to-do list for my summer and I am quite proud of the progress I am making on it.

*I feel like I'm fishing for comments when I mention my "readership" on blogs, but seriously, there's maybe like 5 people that read this, and sometimes that's really discouraging. I don't mean to fish, I just honestly want to reflect on the fact that it's just hard as a writer to always wonder if I even have an audience. And if I don't, is what I'm saying worth saying? It's the whole "does the tree still make a noise when it falls down in an empty forest" question...

Ok those are my random thoughts. It would be great for some feedback on those (ok so that's fishing, lol). Because the worst part about not having an audience is not having people in the world who think like you or add on to your thoughts... so chime in please! Add your own random thoughts.