Monday, December 31, 2007

Trying New Things

I think it's good for our health to try new things. I don't know, sometimes I make stuff like that up, but it sounds true. It gets our endorphins up, and that hormonally makes us happy - so that's always a good thing.
Anyway, that's why I resolved in 2007 to try something new every month. Sometimes, I got a few things in, so BONUS. I didn't so much write them down, so more may have happened than this. These are just the ones I remember:

*First time in Corpus Christi/North Padre Island
*First time creating curriculum for a youth camp
*First time leader at Southcliff's winter camp
(I know that sounds like I'm milking one thing for more than it's worth, but this weekend was very significant in our involvement in Southcliff)

*First Bowling Ball (you dress up and go bowling)

*First time enrolling in a Master's level course
*First time not being with family in St. Louis for St. Patrick's Day (b/c of previous)
*First time hosting my own St. Patrick's Day party (b/c of previous)

*First official state teacher exam (passed!)
*First time creating a resignation letter
*First time I was the main teacher of a Sunday School class

*First time I went to a homeschool graduation ceremony
*First time I changed my state cizitenship (I am now a Texan)
*First time I actually quit a job
*First time I became an aunt
*First time I saw my niece

*First time spending an anniversary on the roof of a restaurant
*First time my car got broken into (not really a good thing, but the experience happened nonetheless, so it makes the list)

*First time going to a baseball game on the 4th (I've attempted to before, but plans always fell through)
*First time I got hired as a teacher!

*First time I went to teacher training
*First time I drove a jet ski
*First time I crashed a jet ski
*First time I taught a class

*First time I traveled on a plane with a friend (instead of my husband or just myself)

*First time at the Texas State Fair

*First time I toured the Texas Rangers' stadium
*First time at a Kelly Clarkson concert

*First time a job gave me 2 weeks off for Christmas
*First time I've spent New Years in St. Louis since being married
*First time one of my youth got married

Admittedly, the beginning of my year was a lot more exciting than the end, but I'd say I had one heck of a year. I can't wait to tell you what I put up here for 2008.

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Kate said...

Whoo hoo! I was there for two of those. I feel Very Important. ;-P