Thursday, December 20, 2007


i had some more "deep thoughts" to share, but darcie asked to hear some stories, so i thought id share some of those instead. the following story happened this week, and i think it's a story i will always take with me...

because i'm a first year teacher and on temporary certification, i have to be observed constantly. i got lucky enough to have my favorite professor as my observer. normally she just pops in for a few minutes to make sure i'm still alive, but in general trusts my teaching so doesn't stay long. well, she has to do a formal 45 min observation, and we decide for her to come on tuesday to my homeroom. they're my favorite bunch of kids and are usually well-behaved, focused, hard-working students. but i forgot about anthony.
anybody who's heard stories from me has probably heard one about little anthony (he wears size 3 shoes!). i pretty much have an anothony story every day. he's the most adorable kid, but in a very obnoxious way. one day, he comes in and tells me he told his mom i called him annoying and said i didnt like him. i never once said this and when i press him about it, he says he actually lied to me and never said anything to his mom. ::rolling eyes:: oh anthony. if he weren't so freakin adorable, i'd strangle him (in several ways, he reminds me of andrew - not even kidding).
so yeah, anthony is at his best today. he asks me who the lady is in the back and if she's my boss. i give him permission to talk to her (mistake), and keep monitoring my students and answering their questions. a few minutes later, anthony is back at his seat and dr. ford is smiling really big. so i go over and she tells me what anthony told her - that i'm only being nice b/c she is here watching.
so of course i confront anthony about this and when i quote what she said, he replies "i didnt say that. i said you were trying to be nice b/c she was here." "so im not even succeeding? im merely trying? just because she's here?" "yep."
so i lean down and say to him, "well if you think i'm only acting this nice because dr. ford is here, wait until health class when she's not here and we'll just see how hard i try."

believe it or not, he's still alive. but only because my prof knows me well enough to know anthony was lying, and well did i tell you how cute he is? you can't kill a kid that cute. you just tease him back.

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Darcie said...

That is awesome! Thank you for the story! More please...