Saturday, January 10, 2009


20 random things about me:

1. I used to think "night people" were a special species of people, like werewolves. And I'd be afraid when I'd stay up late that one of them would get me. The irony is that I am one.

2. My earlobes are "attached" which means they are shorter than normal earlobes. Earrings look funny on me.

3. Bad grammar (you're/your, etc) really really really bothers me. I instantly assume a person is drastically less intelligent when they use it.

4. I am a huge sucker for teeny shows, like Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

5. My "bucket list" includes seeing a game in every single Major League Baseball stadium.

6. I played the Alto Saxophone in middle school and was a soloist in Jazz Band. I loved playing and am sometimes tempted to pick it up and try again.

7. My "go-to" menu item is chicken strips - but the dipping sauce always varies depending on the venue. McDs - Sweet and Sour; Steak and Shake - Honey Mustard; Whataburger - Gravy; Wendy's - Ketchup; Dairy Queen - Ranch; Chic-fil-A - honey; frozen nuggets - Barbeque...

8. I have a sister who is 9 years and 10 days older than me.

9. I take pride in my DVDs and Board Games collections, but rarely use either of them.

10. My first kiss took place on the stage of an old junior high building.

11. I played softball, basketball and soccer growing up. I was known for my "sliding" move in all three...

12. Job Titles I've had: umpire, hostess/service assistant/server, activities assistant, computer lab asst, youth ministry intern, paraprofessional, substitute teacher, secretary, teacher, assistant to the youth minister.

13. I got my first speeding ticket 3 weeks after getting my driver's license.

14. I sing in the shower, everyday.

15. I prefer getting new pajama pants to new jeans cause I wear the PJs more often.

16. I love trying new things even though it terrifies me greatly.

17. I get claustrophobic when I drive. I will choose the left lane whenever possible so there's nothing next to me. I hold my breath if the median is within a foot of my car. After long trips, my shoulders hurt from being so tense for so long.

18. I graduated college a semester early. The only time that means anything is on a random list about me.

19. I grew up in the same town as a Six Flags and went every day. I was one of the first people to ride the Batman when it first opened.

20. I was at Busch Stadium when Mark McGwire hit his record-breaking 62nd homerun on September 8, 1998.


Kate said...

I love these, especially 7 (I had no idea you had so much variety!), 13 (amazing), 17 (again, no idea) and 18 (AMEN!! LOL...).

Rachel said...

Good point. I think I'm ready for a scandal to shake things up a bit- I guess Caroline Kennedy attempted to provide that the other day. I was just hoping that after 2 years of hearing about him campaigning, we might get a brief break from all the reports. And I suppose it doesn't help that I'm not a fan of him.