Saturday, February 9, 2008


things i have been working on recently:

1. being a better teacher - there are things i excel at when it comes to teaching; i have a natural gift for those things, i suppose. but the rest i'm really bad at - and i need to get better. my students deserve more from me. every week in class, i am faced with yet another thing i am depriving my students of...

2. getting to bed at a decent hour - i used to try to go to bed between 10 and 11, and now im lucky if it's before midnight. but my mornings are getting earlier and earlier, and the sleep deprivation is literally making me sick.

3. guitar hero - i did well in easy and medium, but keep failing songs in hard, and i just cant get past it. i know if i practice more, i can get it... but often times i quit things im not good at because well i really like being good at everything i do, lol

4. being nicer to those i love - i was watching friends earlier today and saw one character totally mock another and make light of something that the other was really sensitive about - and i realize it may make good tv, but they never show you how much that hurts the other person.

5. not meddling - i like to be right, i like to be in control, i like to be involved. one day, i want someone to stand up at their wedding and say "Thanks Teresa for getting us together." and thats totally selfish and stupid and i have to just be happy there even is a wedding... or a relationship, for that matter.

6. my attitude - when things suck, i think everyone should know so they feel sorry for me. its very immature. and it totally ruins my witness to the fact that God is good, and He is in control. I should not forget that - or let others.

7. my use of time - i'm crazy busy - too much so. i have no free time anymore. today is kind of a fluke (one i'm taking full advantage of). and i cant blame life. i can only blame my own time-management skills. i need to be doing more of some things and less of other things.

8. my spiritual walk - it's decent. much better than this time last year, but I know I can be better, stronger, wiser. i do not give God the time in my life He deserves. I breeze through my quiet times like it's something to check off my list. I only pray for my sake.

9. my money management - this is an understatement. yes, andrew and i miraculously are paying off grad school for both of us as we go, but i still think we should be in better financial shape than we currently are. we need to be more disciplined.

10. my cheerleading abilities - yeah, i am now officially the cheerleading sponsor at my school. ha, i think it's a joke too (apparently so do some of my students)... so i really need to figure out what im doing and quick. yikes.


Darcie said...

Cheerleading? I must hear more...

Kate said...

I loved loved loved this post. Let's discuss:
3. "often times i quit things im not good at because well i really like being good at everything i do" AMEN. We've discussed previously.
5. I have the same dream.
6. Ouch. Yes. Way to hit me where it hurts, too.
8. I wish the sermon from this morning was up. I almost started crying. I need to find it this week and send it to you, even just for the last part. Basically, it was about Abraham and how when God made his covenant with Abraham, when usually people would both walk through a split, dead animal, God put Abraham to sleep and just walked through himself, to show that the covenant was not about Abraham's faithfulness to God, but God's faithfulness to Abraham. Can I just tell you how much I'm being hit over the head with actual grace here? Not just saving grace -- but grace for day-to-day life that runs so contrary to my listing and goal-setting and willpower mentality.
10. I want photos.

Rachel said...

I like all the serious things with the addition of guitar hero- I know that one has a serious point too, but it's kind of funny when you initially see it.

Are we going to hang out again? I've been cooking up quite a storm- you should be impressed :)

Rachel said...

Oh, and I am more than willing to say at my wedding that you introduced us- so get to work! ha ha